Thursday, August 5, 2010

The solution to the money/abundance game

The power of Invokeing Change part 2 Your Mind controls your money Professor Imhotep Ishmael Al- Basiel MScTCM, DQ.

The Money Abundance Cd The Secret of Law of Attraction They Don’t Want You To Know
“Brain entrainment ”is a term you may never have heard in your search for the secret of law of attraction, and yet for me, it was the final piece of the puzzle that made my dreams start to come true.

Studies show that many people give up on their goals when at the finnish line.

When they’re just inches away from success. Because they don’t know that mind rules matter!

They’re standing on the verge of their dreams, they decide that what they’ve been doing isn’t working and they give up, dooming them to dissatisfaction.

That could so easily have been me. I can only be grateful that I showed the fortitude to try one more thing and that brain entrainment program was the thing I chose to try.

I Started Losing Weight and Earning Money With ease.

By the time the total empowerment program introduced me to brain entrainment, I was honestly about to give up on the law of attraction. I’d been meditating and visualizing,following a variety of systems from The elixcer life coaching, and yet I couldn’t tell that I was any closer to my dreams than when I’d started.

I’m not sure why the latest proponents of the law of attraction,

don’t include information about brainwave entrainment as part of the

process. It’s the simplest step in the world, and yet for me, it made

all the difference.

Suddenly it became the easiest thing in the world to eat less,

and exercise more. Suddenly income opportunities started to work, where so many had failed for me before I learned how to meditate effectively.

The Money Abundance Brain Entrainment CD, Focused My Brain As Though I Were a Meditation Master!

Although he wasn’t referring to meditation and visualization at the time, Henry Ford could have been talking about the one “difficult”piece of the law of attraction when he said:

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”
Nothing about meditation or visualization is complicated, but that you can do it easy!

Not that it is easy ,doesn’t mean that it’s EASY. It can take years to unlearn the habits ofa lifetime, in order to keep your mind focused on the one reality you want to visualize. Without that focus, you’ll find that your efforts tovisualize and manifest your dreams just keep falling short.

When I discovered that brain entrainment used well-established ,scientific processes to take the difficult process of synchronizing mind/body.

your entire brain on one thought and made it not only easy but automatic, it seemed too good to be true. Luckily, because the Manifestation Meditation brain entrainment program comes with a 1-month money-back guarantee, I knew that I had plenty of time to test this program and discover whether it would work for me.

The money tape uses a scientifically-backed process, called “isochronic tones” tocause your brain to achieve whole-mind synchronization, the very thing that you’ve been trying to achieve through the practice of meditation.The difference is that meditation leaves the focus and mind control up to you. With isochronic tones, the process becomes automatic.

Using any of several specialized audio programs provided .

The money tape,you can train your brain to synchronize with the isochronic tones you’re listening to. When you do this, your entire brain’s activitybecomes synchronized and coherent. You create whole-brain focus,allowing you to concentrate on one thing: visualizing what you plan to create.

By enabling you to automatically achieve the full-mind/concentration you’ve been pursuing through meditation, the brain wave entrainment provided by the program makes manifesting your desires nearly automatic, but you still play a role.

You need to use your brain entrainment program at least once aday, remain openly attentive for opportunities to take action toward your goals, and, then you must take the action. Luckily, in the process of manifesting your greatest dreams and desires, this entire process is not only easy, it’s enjoyable.

The Puzzle to Make the science of Attraction Work for YOU

Your first action is to get the program immediately. The sooner you take this first baby step toward

creating your dream life, the sooner it will introduce you to brain entrainment and open up the secret of law of attraction, so that the world is awaiting your focused commands.

The Adbundance Brain Entrainment CD To Order:

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